Friday, June 09, 2006

The revolution WILL be televised. Also: blogged.

People, I have looked into the eyes of the enemy, and the enemy is green, plastic and noisy. Yup, you guesed it - it's lawnmowers*. I caught one of 'em in the back garden tonight. Killed it. Well, gave it a good shot anyway, I don't think THIS dude'll be back in a hurry:

Now, I don't want yoos all worryin' about this "lawnmower" situation. With the Rubinman in charge, we WILL defeat these plastic beasts. And it is totally NOT TRUE to say that after I seen the "lawnmower" I ran away and hid under my bed, and anyone who says that is a LIAR. So there.

*Why do I hate the lawnmowers so much? WHY? I mean, it's not like it's the freakin' POSTMAN or somethin'. God, sometimes I confuse even myself, you know...



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