Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fresh, minty, Rubiny goodness

In my time, I've often been described as a "dirty dog". Indeed, there are those who have described me as a "filthy dog", and still others who have called me a "BAAAAD BOY", or a "dirty wee b******d". But those people are WRONG my friends, for the Rubinman, he is as clean and as pure as the driven snow. I mean, I even brush my freaking TEETH:

I know what yoos are thinkin', by the way. Y'all are like, "no way is the Rubinman actually using that brush, he's just posing with it little a stupid sissy dog." But you are WRONG. See?

Ha! Watch me go! I hope this clarifies the whole "Just a dog" rumour that goes around about me, people. Oh yeah, you think I don't know, but let me tell you, the Rubinman knows ALL. I know, for example, that they are planning on sending me to "Las Vegas" for A&T's wedding, and y'know what? I'm starting to doubt that place even IS Las Vegas. It's like, I didn't see no Elvis when I was there, y'hear what I'm sayin'?

Anyway, just take note here: if I can brush my teeth like a human, you just don't know WHAT else the Rubinman can do. Just a thought for you.

So, not a lot happenin'. Terry still mad as a brush. He's, like, totally obsessed with my PAWS. "Give me a paw," he'll say, a few times a day. I mean, why? What does he want my paw for? "Get your own paw," I always feel like saying, but once I've handed over the paw he always make a big fuss of me, and sometimes I get a sweetie, so I put up with it. MAD, though. And another thing: what's with the whole "Sit - stand - lie down" routine that he keeps making me go through? I mean, you don't see me walking up to him and going, "Hi Terry - SIT! Now LIE DOWN!" do you? So why does he do it to me? Because he's MAD, that's why.

Smell ya's later, folks