Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rubin from the Block

Sing it with me: Don't be fooled by the toys that I got/ I'm still, I'm still Rubin from the block... Hell yeah I am.

So, the other night I get back from visiting my Norma and John, and all my OLD toys - i.e. the ones that AREN'T Purple Puppets - were waitin for me, and let me tell you, those dudes were NOT happy. They were all, "Rubin, man, you've totally forgotten your roots. You're all about the Purple Puppet now, what about US, the toys you grew up with?" Then they go, "we put you up there, dude, and we can totally bring you back down again, what are you without us, yadda yadda."

Let's just get one thing straight here: the Rubinman has NOT forgotten where he came from. I may be "all that" now, and I may have a Purple Puppet and a totally spanky red coat, but I'm still, I'm still Rubin from the block. Just to prove it, here's a little tribute to my homies:

This is my main man Buddy, my oldest pal and right hand dog:

Now, I know what y’all are thinkin. You’re all, like, “Buddy, he don’t look too good.” Yeah, well let me tell you, Buddy is WAY old: when I first arrived here in the 'hood (if you remember, I was ADOPTED by A&T when I was a mere 8 weeks old) Buddy was right here waitin for me. Amber often tells the story of how they were so excited about my arrival that they'd sit Buddy in my bed and, like, pretend he was me and stuff. And that right there tells you pretty much all you need to know about Amber...

Anyway, yeah, so Buddy... Buddy's been there with me through thick and thin. He was there with me when I went to Las Vegas, and he was there with me when I peed on Terry's shirt that time. (In fact, Terry? Buddy MADE me do that. It wasn't me, IT WAS BUDDY) I love my Buddy. Nevertheless, I still totally ripped his eyes and nose off. SO?!

This is me with my Mickey Hand:

My Mickey hand snuck into my Norma and John's suitcase when they were in the "Yew Ess Ay" one time, and it came all the way across the ocean to be with me. It's, like, a hand, and it squeaks. Who WOULDN'T love that?

Yeah, so this is Dead Head:

He, like, lives lives in the garden and stuff. This one time? I totally forgot that Dead Head was livin out in the garden, and I almost CRAPPED myself when I seen him. I am NOT scared of Dead Head though, because I am a WOLF. For real.

This is my PINK COW:

The pink cow is a mysterious, shady character. I say this mainly on account of the Time the Pink Cow VANISHED and was later discovered IN TERRY’S WARDROBE. How did it get there? Was the Pink Cow abducted by aliens? Did it walk there itself? Is there something Terry isn’t telling us? Dudes, we may never know.

I've got other toys, but I don't want to make you too jealous, so I'll sign off now. But remember : I used to have a little, now I gotta lot/ no matter where he goes Rubinman knows where he came from....



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