Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One Purple Puppet to Rule Them All

So, as most of you know, I have me a LOT of fans, and sometimes my fans like to send me stuff, like to appease me. (Note: ONE TIME this has happened. ONE TIME. It's like, what is WRONG with you people? Do you want a happy Rubinman or a vengeful Rubinman? Yeah, well, dig deep then.)

This entry concerns my favourite fan, who I will call "Margaret", because, like, that's her name. Anyway, Margaret was reading this entry, which is the one where I was all about the Purple Puppet, and Margaret was like, "Ha! Call that a Purple Puppet? I'LL show you a Purple Puppet!" And so she did. And oh man, lookit! :

Rubin meets the Purple Puppet

It's a Purple Puppet! But better than that – it's THE Purple Puppet. The One Puppet. My Precious. That other one? The Not-So-Purple-After-All Puppet? That dude is SO last week. Now me and the PP, we ROCK.

Rubin meets the Purple Puppet

Purple Puppet's all, "Lookit m'hair, man! Checkit!"
Rubinman's like, "I am NOT scared of you Purple Puppet, I'm just, like, shy or somethin')

Rubin meets the Purple Puppet

NOT scared of the Purple Puppet! No way, uh-uh. Not me, the Rubinman. Anyone who tells you different is cruising for a bum biting.

So yeah, that's why you haven't seen much of me this week. I've been hiding from playing with the Purple Puppet, who is totally going to break me out of AZKABAN. For real.

Smell ya,


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