Friday, August 12, 2005

feet wheels

OK, so I hesitate to mention this, but somethin's been buggin me.

It's Amber.

It's like, sure, she bugs me MOST of the time: take that as read. But lately...oh man... Lately every time we go out for a walk - EVERY time - she straps these stupid wheels onto her feet, like a big sissy. She calls them "rollerblades". I call them "Stupid lubbish feet wheels". Now, trust me, I know what you're thinkin. I'm thinkin it too. It's like, there's me: white, fluffy (still WOLF like, though), runnin. Then there's her: feet wheels, hair blowing in the wind, rollin'.

Yeah, we look like a freakin Tampax advert.

"Aiiiiieeeeeeee! Booooodyfooooorrrmmm! Bodyform for yoooouuu!" THAT'S what I think now every time I go on my walk. EVERY time. Stupid lubbish song playin in my head every time I try to take a crap. "Aiiiiiieeeeeee!" It has RUINED it for me.

Oh man, I have SO got to bust out of this place. It's not like I haven't been tryin, either. Like, last week I started to dig me a hole: I was totally going to burrow under the fence and bust out, but no. They seen me, and they were all, "Baaad Rubin! Baaad!" Idiots.

I would try leavin under cover of darkness, but of course they have me confined to Azkaban every night. Unbelievable. I mean, to lock a noble, wolf-like creature like myself in a CAGE is just unforgivable. And WHY, for the love of Dog? WHY? What purpose does it serve? I mean, sure I peed on the kitchen floor every night in life before they banished me to Azkaban. Sure I did. And yeah, there may have been the odd crap or three along the way too. SO? What of it?

Nah, I don't think that's it. I think they just put me there because, it's like, I'm so scary and stuff and they don't want me roaming free at night in case I savage them in their beds or something. Which, by the way? I totally WOULD.

I am SO breakin' free. Azkaban is one thing, but these stupid feet wheels are just the final straw. I will NOT stay here to be made to look like a stupid sissy dog. I'm not the freakin' Andrex puppy, you know! Uh-uh. The Rubinman wouldn't be caught DEAD lookin' like a sissy. No way.



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