Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hairy Bone


Didn't think you'd see ME again, did you? Ha! Y'all thought the Rubinman was finished. That you'd never see his like again. Well, think again, people! The Rubinman is back, better than ever before, and he is calling his followers to him. Ho yes.

So, did ya miss me? You better have missed me or I'll come and bite you on the bum, every last one of you. I have SO much to tell you. It's, like, so much happened while I was away, but at the same time, nuthin' happened. You dig? (Heh, I certainly do ;))

Anyway, the most significant thing that happened was that my Norma and John went flying through the sky to that "Yew Ess Ay" place they're always goin' to. Now, I don't know what this Yew Ess Ay is, but I think it's like, a big mall or something? Because, like, when they come back from there, they always bring me MILLIONS of stuff.

This time round they brought me a HAIRY BONE from the Yew Ess Ay. Let me show you what happens to Hairy Bones around here:

Rubin V. Hairy Bone 1
Amber gives me Hairy Bone. Note damage sustained during a previous round of "Rubin v. Hairy Bone"

Rubin v. Hairy Bone 2
The battle commences.
Is it just me, or does my head look big in this?

Rubin v. Hairy Bone 3
I, like, totally wipe the floor with him.
Note: it was Amber that ACTUALLY had to wipe the floor. The Rubinman is no one's slave.

Yup, I showed that sucker. Rawr!

Anyway, don't tell my Norma and John this, because I think they want to surprise me and stuff, but I think they bought me a CAR, too. Reasons for me thinking this: I heard them all talking, and Amber was like, "What kind of car did you get?" and John was like, "Chevy Impala" and Amber was like, "cool", and I was like: icon_eek_PDT

I mean, I can't BELIEVE they bought me a car. Actually, scratch that: I can totally believe they bought me a car. I just can't believe no one thought of it before now. I wonder when I'll get it. Man, I'll totally rock in that there car. I'll be, like, too cool for school and stuff.

Anyway, yeah. I'll be updating this thing a LOT now, so y'all better keep checking back to read me. Remember what happened to Hairy Boneā€¦

Ciao for now,


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